CJIS Integration Solutions
CLIPS® CJIS Full Terminal

Integrate State CJIS Access

Quickly and Affordably Meet State Requirements for Complete State CJIS Access

  • Browser Based
  • 200+ State Forms
  • Full Terminal

User Features

    • Single Query Access to Multiple Databases
    • Search & Filter Forms
    • Configurable permissions by user and device
    • Save & Retrieve Incomplete Forms
    • Integrated State Codes with Menu-Driven Design
    • Audit Logs by User & Device

Developer Features

    • Plug-in CJIS application for state queries
    • Browser-based for secure access
    • Provides and Supports Every State Transaction – 200+
    • Scalable growth with mobile and desktop access
    • Facilitates Virtual Partitioning for Multi-Agencies
    • Optional RMS Integration for Form Pre-fill

Save Time. Save Money. Save Resources.

Cost-effectively delivers fully-featured, dependable State CJIS access without programming and maintaining a single form.

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