Alarm Integration Solutions
ASINC® Alarm Integration

Integrate Self-Monitored Alarms with Dispatch

Speed Emergency Response for:

  • Campuses
  • Airports
  • Hospitals

Prevent Response Delays

Institutions, tasked with public safety, manage an almost overwhelming number of disparate, self-monitored alarms…creating critical gaps in the very safety they are trying to protect.

Even with a sworn police force and 24/7 Dispatch, hectic communications centers are delaying emergency response when communicating alarm notifications.

Recognize Critical Gaps

  • GAP
    Connector line
    Non-integrated Alarm Systems Add Precious Seconds & Even Minutes to an Emergency Response
  • GAP
    Connector line
    The Overwhelming Majority of Self-Monitored Alarms in the United States are NOT Integrated with Dispatch
  • GAP
    Connector line
    Dispatchers are Manually Keying & Possibly Miscommunicating Crisis Calls for Service

Integrate All Types of Alarm Notifications

Eliminate "Islands of Notification"


Save Precious Time & Increase Accuracy

Eliminate the Time-Delays of Phone Calls, Human Handling, Miscommunication and Data Entry


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